Is Delayed Job :run_at => DateTime Giving You Fits?

I’ve been implementing Delayed Job to poll Twitter every minute for changes. However, it was immediately running everything and ignoring the run_at time in the database. Or so I thought.

Upon inspection of the code for Delayed Job, it is polling the database time to UTC and not local time.

def self.db_time_now
      (ActiveRecord::Base.default_timezone == :utc) ? :

What was

Delayed::Job.enqueue, 0, 1.minutes.from_now

has now become

Delayed::Job.enqueue, 0, 1.minutes.from_now.getutc

Four hours is a large difference.

Note: Normally I would just run this as a cron job, but Heroku will only run cron once per hour.

Installing Ruby Enterprise Edition and Passenger Phusion on Mac OS X Leopard

Memory usage is getting higher, and my patience waiting on a browser to load changes is getting much lower these days. Installing Ruby Enterprise Edition and Passenger Phusion will help with both! Here’s how we’ll do it:
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Indianapolis Ruby Brigade

A lot of effort has been going into transforming IndyRB into a valuable group of talented people. We’re at 116 members and growing!

Here are a few ways you can interact with the group:

Quite a few of us hang out on IRC during the day and late at night. It’s a great way to see what some of the best Ruby developers are discussing and get some help when you’re stuck.

Why Passenger Phusion Is a Better Hosting Solution Long Term

Since we started hosting Ruby on Rails applications in 2006, many of the pieces have changed. At each step, things became a bit easier and a bit faster. Here’s how things have changed.

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Looking for Ruby Developers

Update: This position has been filled. Thanks!

My company, TGFI, is currently looking for two full time Ruby developers with LAMP/CSS/XHTML experience in Indy. Even if it’s just a passion on the side, as long as the person has a solid web development background and is eager to learn, that will work.

If you know anyone who is interested, please visit

Thanks! ~Greg

WordPress 2.5 RC2 is out

Update: WordPress 2.5 has gone final. Great work from the teams at Auttomatic & Happy Cog, along with all of the contributors.

The latest release candidate of WordPress, 2.5 RC2, is out. So far I haven’t noticed any major changes from RC1, just some tweaks based on feedback.

Matt (WordPress co-founder) has put together a quick screen cast as an overview of the major changes compared to earlier 2.x releases. It’s well worth the look

Also, if you are going to upgrade to any release of 2.5, check out the official which plugins work and which don’t list before upgrading. Once you’re in the clear, go install. The admin tool is so much better.

WordPress 2.5 RC1 – First Impressions

Update: WordPress 2.5 has gone final. Great work from the teams at Auttomatic & Happy Cog, along with all of the contributors.

Yesterday I was working through my latest feed updates in Google Reader when I came across more information on the new WordPress 2.5 changes on Jeffery Zeldman’s blog. I kept it unread so I could come back to it later, but after what I saw, I kept thinking about it all day. Could it really be that good?

Tonight I pulled a copy of the site down to my laptop and did a test upgrade. Everything checked out( themes and plugins), so I went for it on the live site. Don’t worry, I backed up first.

I really enjoy the new editor – TinyMCE 3. Especially since it works correctly in Safari 3. I prefer Safari for its superior font rendering and speed, but I was relegated to Firefox under 2.3.3 and below.

Hats off to the team at Happy Cog. They’ve done some great work here. For more details, Techosailor has a full write up on the changes that is worth a read.

Also, Matt from WordPress notes this is production ready, but they wanted feedback on the design before finalizing 2.5. Don’t be scared of that RC1 name, go upgrade!

mysql Ruby Gem install Issues — solved!

I ran into an issue today installing the ruby mysql gem on a fresh Leopard system with 10.5.1 installed and the MySQL 5 package for Intel installed. This is based on Dan Benjamin’s great work.

To keep this easy, here is the low down. What was happening was an issue with it expecting headers for PPC. PPC? What the??? I’m on intel damn it!
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