Hi there. I’m Greg.

I’m a Ruby on Rails developer and interaction designer in Indianapolis, IN. As an owner of TGFI, we build high quality, mobile friendly websites &  applications for businesses around the world. I love the challenging art of photography.

While getting my undergrad at Purdue University, I got sucked into the web and the viral nature of it. I started a fan web site for Pearl Jam that grew in popularity very quickly. I was interacting with thousands of people from all over the world. Very quickly, I learned what mattered. That place in 1996 is where I started to hone my craft – Pre-blogging, pre-Twitter, pre-Facebook.

From there I ran several very popular websites for this new thing called DVD. We were doing tens of thousands of visitors per day. Writing stories, inside perspectives, and reviews. I was also the web master. It was my job to make it fast and easy for people to use.

Cutting edge technology was never my main motivation. It was all about what made the most sense for the task. Sometimes that was the cutting edge. Most of the time it wasn’t.

Sure, I’ve created many a site in Microsoft (ASP, VB, .NET, SQL Server) and open source (php, python, Java, MySql, PostgreSQL) technologies, but since 2006 there is one that gets me going the most – Ruby. David Heinemeier Hansson came along and built a framework that changed everything – Ruby on Rails. I’ve been developing sites with it for eight years and I still enjoy it every day.

If you are interested in talking about some projects you need help with, I’ll be glad to help. I work with great people that I can bring into the conversation.

Where can you find me?

Follow me on twitter as @gbenedict.

My web development company, TGFI, is where we build great mobile friendly websites and applications for businesses. We store all of our code on GitHub and interact with a great community of developers helping each other out.

You can reach me at gbenedict [at] gmail [dot] com.

What am I working on?

Producing and sharing more than I consume.