WordPress 2.5 RC1 – First Impressions

Update: WordPress 2.5 has gone final. Great work from the teams at Auttomatic & Happy Cog, along with all of the contributors.

Yesterday I was working through my latest feed updates in Google Reader when I came across more information on the new WordPress 2.5 changes on Jeffery Zeldman’s blog. I kept it unread so I could come back to it later, but after what I saw, I kept thinking about it all day. Could it really be that good?

Tonight I pulled a copy of the site down to my laptop and did a test upgrade. Everything checked out( themes and plugins), so I went for it on the live site. Don’t worry, I backed up first.

I really enjoy the new editor – TinyMCE 3. Especially since it works correctly in Safari 3. I prefer Safari for its superior font rendering and speed, but I was relegated to Firefox under 2.3.3 and below.

Hats off to the team at Happy Cog. They’ve done some great work here. For more details, Techosailor has a full write up on the changes that is worth a read.

Also, Matt from WordPress notes this is production ready, but they wanted feedback on the design before finalizing 2.5. Don’t be scared of that RC1 name, go upgrade!

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