mysql Ruby Gem install Issues — solved!

I ran into an issue today installing the ruby mysql gem on a fresh Leopard system with 10.5.1 installed and the MySQL 5 package for Intel installed. This is based on Dan Benjamin’s great work.

To keep this easy, here is the low down. What was happening was an issue with it expecting headers for PPC. PPC? What the??? I’m on intel damn it!
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The Next Evolution in Mongrel is Thin

Update: Thin, Mongrel and all of the variants have been replaced by a much better solution.

The Quick Background
First there was Zed’s excellent (and much appreciated) baseline work that establish Mongrel as the front runner in ruby hosting. Something I’ve been using for well over a year in production behind nginx. From that baseline evolved a few hacks: Evented Mongrel and Swiftiply Proxy.

The problem is that they were just that — Hacks that monkey patched the source code. Bye-bye needed updates. As much as I liked the perf gains from running them, it was not a great production solution.
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